Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

Deterring the Rats of the Sky - Birds and Pest Control

Letitia Smith

Pigeons, otherwise known as the 'rats of the sky,' can be detrimental to your business facilities, as well as your customer's welfare.  As anyone who has visited an inner-city café will know, pigeons, especially during breeding season, can be aggressive to the point of stealing food from your plate! When they aren't attacking your customers, however, they can also cause considerable property damage, from leaving droppings that erode building material, to dislodging roof tiling and building nests that block drainage and guttering.  What's more, pigeons and their droppings can carry in excess of 60 different diseases.

Therefore, as a business owner it is important to understand the range of options available to you to deter pigeons or other pest birds.  The following options are the most popular:

Bird Nets

Bird nets are the most humane, and effective, deterrents for birds.  They exclude birds by protecting areas where birds would usually nest; forcing them to move to a different area.  Bird nets are a popular option as they are discrete and can be customized to suit your business.  As bird nets provide a permanent solution, they are also a cost effective, low-maintenance bird control option.    

Bird Scarers

Bird scarers come in various shapes, sizes, and functions—you can even make one yourself! Bird scarers are another fantastic, humane option, as they don't harm the birds.  Bird scarers, however, may not be as effective as bird nets as, depending on the type of scarer you make/purchase, birds may be immune to its effects.

Electric Bird Deterrent

As the name suggests, an electric bird deterrent works similar to an electric fence, sending out an electric pulse every few seconds.  The pulse ensures that birds that land on any given surface area will learn, very quickly, that they cannot land or nest in the pulse effected area! Electric bird deterrents are known to be very effective, and ideal for flat surfaces, such as roofs, beams, etc.

Electric deterrents are, however, less humane than nets and scarers.  While they do not do any long term damage to the birds, they do emit an electric shock, which will cause pain for the bird if they land on the protected area.  As such, it is important to consider other bird deterrent options before selecting this option if possible. 

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes provide effective deterrents to birds by preventing them from landing on the surfaces where you have installed the spikes, springs and wires.

Most bird spike specialists will install spikes that are small enough to not cause damage to birds. However, there is always a risk that the bird will get caught in the spikes.  As such, try to consider other methods before using bird spikes.

There is no doubt that birds are legitimate pests, so consult a pest control expert (such as Stewarts Pest Control) to discuss the different options available for deterring them.  


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