Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

Termite Prevention-Mistakes That Lead To A Termite Invasion

Letitia Smith

Termites are aggressive earthly ant-like creatures that feed on cellulose mainly found in wood. The main source of food for termites is wood, which means that termites will feed on your wooden furniture, roof, floor, ceiling, doors, and window panes. Below are four major mistakes that will certainly attract termites to your home. However, if you observe the precautions suggested, a termite invasion should be the last thing on your mind.

Ready Food for Termites

Availability of food is the main motivation for termites to invade your home. You've probably served termites a meal unknowingly by storing timber and wooden items in your store or garage. If the timber is not treated, it becomes a target for termites. Also, ensure wooden furniture and surfaces are treated with a termite repellent or a pesticide meant for termites.

You can keep termites off your wood by painting any exposed wooden surface. Boric acid is also a good treatment which you can apply on wood, especially on furniture touching the ground, and wooden surfaces on the exteriors of your house or easily accessible.

Water Springs for Termites

Termites thrive in wet conditions, and the presence of pools of water in your compound will surely attract these invaders. Termites don't need an entire spring; a leak from a broken pipe and loose faucets can create a spring good enough for termites.

Avoid giving water to termites by repairing any pipe leakages, broken drains, and hot water overflows from the system. It is also important to ensure that drains are directed away from the house. Also, avoid having your drainage system installed against the wall of the house.

Lack of Inspection

Termites crawl from one compound to the next, and although you may have taken the necessary precaution, sometimes they will just find their way into your compound. Different species of termites adapt differently to their environment. Some, such as the subterranean termites burrow into the soil and build nests. It will be difficult to detect the presence of some of these termites, especially those that easily camouflage into the environment.  

Regular inspection is a preventive measure that will keep termites off your home for good. Check for signs of termites on wood surfaces, doors, walls, in the garden, and in your lawn. Also, inspect if every wooden item has a termite barrier such as paint or pesticide. Another effective barrier is the use of poisoned food. Poison wood and timber termites are feeding on using an appropriate pesticide.

Gardening Mistakes

Another common mistake is having gardens too close to the house.  Leave a reasonable space between the house and your garden. Also avoid placing potted plants next to the wall around the house. Most termites love the soil, so remember to weed through your garden so that you can discover and destroy termite nests and tunnels that may be present.

Termites can feed on all your wooden furniture, bring down your roof, and even bring down an entire wooden house if left uncontrolled. It's crucial to take caution in good time.


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