Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

Temperatures Are Rising: How To Get A Handle On Warm Weather Pest Invasions

Letitia Smith

Now that winter is officially over, you might be celebrating the warmer temperatures. Warmer weather brings the opportunity for plenty of outdoor activities. However, warmer weather also brings an increased risk for pest infestations. Unfortunately, warm weather pest infestations can spoil the fun. You might not realize it, but there are a lot of pests that can invade your property once the weather warms up. Some of those pests include ants, roaches, flies, mosquitoes, and mice. Luckily, there are some simple steps you can take to control the pest population. Here are four of those steps for you to add to your pest control arsenal. 

Keep the Garbage Cans Clean

When it comes to controlling the pest population around the house, one of the best things you can do is keep the garbage cans clean. Dirty trash cans are an easy target for pests. Unfortunately, the target becomes even more attractive when garbage is allowed to collect around the outside of the garbage cans. To stop the pest invasion, keep your garbage cans clean and clear. It's also important that you start the season with a fresh application of pesticide around the garbage can storage area. 

Keep Track of Access Points

If you want to keep pests out of the house this year, be sure to keep track of the access points. Some popular access points include open doors and windows, cracks in the stucco, and damaged screens. Gaps under the doors and cracks in the door and window frames are also easy access points. To keep pests away from those areas, begin by repairing any damage you might find. It's also important that you talk to your pest control service about including doorways and windows in your pesticide treatment plan. 

Keep Up on the Yard Work

If you haven't gotten started on the warm weather yard work yet, now's the time to add yard work to your chore list. Things like weeds, long grass, and leaky hose bibs, can all increase the risk for pest infestations. To avoid that, you need to keep up on the yard work throughout the spring and summer months. You also need to include your yard in any pest control services you arrange for this year. 

Keep the House Tidy

Finally, now that winter is over, it's time to get started on the spring cleaning. This is especially important inside your home. You might not know this, but excess clutter can encourage pest activity. To keep the pests out of your home, be sure to keep things tidy. This should include removing crumbs from the kitchen cabinets and tossing over-ripened fruit before it has a chance to attract fruit flies. For maximum protection, don't forget to have the interior of your home treated with pesticide before the weather gets too warm.

For more information, contact pest control services in your area.


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Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

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