Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

  • Reasons Why You Should Never Engage In DIY Wasp Control

    Nobody wants to find out that there is a wasp nest on their property. If you have children, your first instinct may be to try to kill the wasps immediately so that your kids are not at risk of stings. The mistake that some homeowners make is reaching out for insecticide under the assumption that this will kill the wasps the same way that it does mosquitoes, but you will be gravely mistaken.

  • A Few Important Things to Know About Ant Pest Control

    Ants may seem like innocuous critters, but an infestation in your home can prove to be a nightmare. The moment that you start to notice ants marching around your home you should be alerted to a bigger problem on your hands, because these pests are foraging for food in your home. The mistake some people make is thinking that spraying insecticide on the marching ants will be the solution to their infestation, but this is a gross mistake.

  • Effective Spider Control Measures You Should Be Aware Of

    Different types of spiders can infest your home. And contrary to what many homeowners may think, not all spiders are harmful. In fact, most of them are quite beneficial because they feed on other bugs that may be a nuisance in your home. However, since it can be quite hard to tell which spiders are harmful and which ones aren't, it would be a good idea to keep all kinds of spiders at bay.

  • A Termite Motel Made of Cardboard: Why Your Garage Should Be Cardboard Free

    No matter how well protected your home is from termites, if you inadvertently invite them in, they will eventually accept your invitation. At just half an inch in length, even the tiniest crack can provide a tireless termite with access to your home. Although termites are known for eating wood, they will happily munch on paper, books and cardboard. When using your garage to store your things, you should use plastic totes rather than cardboard boxes.

  • 4 Steps To Prepare Your Office For Pest Control

    Pests like cockroaches, ants and fleas can be a huge problem for offices. So you'll obviously want to ensure adequate treatment from time to time to prevent them from becoming an issue. Here are some steps to prepare your office for pest control. Move All Office Furniture Away From Walls Pests generally tend to hide between wall crevices and in corners, so your first action should be to move all office furniture away from the walls.

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    Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

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