Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

  • 4 Weird Reasons Your Home is Attractive to Ants

    When you have an ant infestation in your home, the results can range from mild annoyance to actual danger, depending on what type of ant you have. Even with the less dangerous types, you might find some hygiene issues and you certainly don't want ants hanging around your kitchen. In most cases, ants are after food, and they're particularly attracted to anything sweet. But when you're certain you've eliminated anything they might like the smell of and they're still around, what do you do?

  • Methods You Could Employ For Pigeon Removal

    Some people may consider birds to be a wonderful sight. It's all fun and games when you feed them at the park, but when they decide to invade your compound, you will have a whole other nightmare on your hands. First of all, these creatures are quite loud. This means you will hardly get any peace and quiet when they decide to nest in your compound. Another thing to note is that they are quite messy.

  • Tips To Help You Control A Tick Infestation On Your Dog

    If you fail to control the spread of ticks in good time, your dog may suffer from a massive tick infestation. Ticks can hide in your dog's fur, as well as other places, such as the yard. So it's crucial that you tick-proof your pet and the surrounding areas as well. Below are some effective guidelines you can use to prevent a tick infestation on your dog. Inspect Your Dog

  • Terminate The Termites: 3 Common Questions

    Termites don't usually bite humans. However, their presence in or around the home is often a threat to the well-being of wooden furniture items and various structural components of residential buildings (e.g. concrete basements and wooden roof trusses). Termite infestation is often common in residential buildings that have remained unoccupied for extended period of time. Here are a few questions that you may have about termite infestation and control should you be moving into one such house.

  • Termite Prevention-Mistakes That Lead To A Termite Invasion

    Termites are aggressive earthly ant-like creatures that feed on cellulose mainly found in wood. The main source of food for termites is wood, which means that termites will feed on your wooden furniture, roof, floor, ceiling, doors, and window panes. Below are four major mistakes that will certainly attract termites to your home. However, if you observe the precautions suggested, a termite invasion should be the last thing on your mind.

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    Keeping Fleas Out of Taxidermy and Other Pest Control Tips

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